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I'm running into some more problems with PSXjin. For some reason, when I save with "Current State", it cause a lot of graphics to be gone by the time the movie recording starts. I'll try to work around it, but this game's save system will be annoying to handle with it. Still, any help with this emulator will do.

Here, Crash, after falling into an ocean, ends up on a different island, starting with its beach, N.Sanity Beach. Crash must now embark on a whirlwind adventure to save his girlfriend, Tawna.

As a bonus, interpret meeting the first Aku Aku mask as this: This witch doctor mask teams up with Crash to save the three islands from Cortex's pollution.

In this stage, it's pretty basic. First it starts out on a beach shore, then ends up going through a bit of a jungle. Break all of the orange creates before you reach the end, and you'll get a gem. If you die at any point, you'll miss out on getting a Gem at the end of the level after breaking all of the crates.

I skipped the saving at the end. It took longer than it should have, for some reason.

12/7/16 UPDATE: It's been many years going, but Crash is finally going to make a full comeback, starting with the PS4 remastering of the first 3 games called Crash Bandicoot: N-Sane Trilogy.

Just check out the link below, and so how much more beautiful this game will look, now!

7/31/17 UPDATE: And now, checkout my own playthrough of this level in the PS4's N-Sane Trilogy!

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